Shooting Ranges


The Jefferson State Shooting Association Inc. constructed and maintains the shooting facilities at the Klamath Sportsman’s Park on HWY 66, 5 miles west of Keno, Oregon. Ranges include a 50 yd pistol and small bore rifle range, a 200 yd rifle range, a 600 yd rifle range, a 50 yd multi-purpose range and a 12 station sporting clays course surrounding a central meadow.

A dedicated training and competition range is currently under construction.

All ranges are open to the public year round except Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are no range fees other than the park daily use fees. Organized competitions also charge a nominal fee for competitors.

Spectators are welcome for all shooting activities but must abide by all safety requirements specified by the Sportsman’s Park, the Jefferson State Shooting Association, Inc and the match director of the current competition.

Bill Mason 50 Yard Range

Richard Wickline 600 Yard Range

Larry Martin 200 yard Range